We offer 'per book' rates of $1.00 and $1.50. For higher volume sellers, we offer Prepayment Plans with reduced costs. We will receive, clean, list, label and ship your books to Amazon's FBA warehouse for you.

Let's better define what FBA Books means:

  • Receive = The packages you send to us will be safely delivered, opened, stored and reported to you before shipping Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Clean = We wipe off all book covers with rubbing alcohol and remove stickers when necessary (with textbooks it doesn't matter as much though). It makes a huge difference for the customer compared to dirtier merchant fulfilled books
  • List = We can list books for you via spreadsheet upload in Amazon Seller Central or through Inventory Lab.  
  • Please tell us:
  •  Condition descriptions you want us to use
  •  FBA Price you want us to list at
  •  ISBN's (optional) 
  •  Title (optional - one word is fine)
  • Label = We put the Amazon required labels on your books*
  • Ship = We create the FBA shipping plan, pack your books and deliver the shipment to UPS*

* = You would need to give limited access to your Amazon Seller Central account for us to print labels and create a shipping plan for you. Instructions on how to do that can be found here: and here:


$1.00 per Book (no Listing)

1.50 per Book (with Listing)

Shipping Boxes are $0.85 each


Prepayment Plans:

250 FBA Books = $259

500 FBA Books = $479

250 FBA Books with Listing = $379

500 FBA Books with Listing = $699

Shipping Boxes included with Prepayment Plans

*We use Paypal to process all payments