Q: How does the 'per book' pricing work?

A: Once you've sent in enough books to ship economically to FBA (close to 50 lbs worth), we do all the prep work and calculate the price based on the number of books in that shipment. 

Example 1:  25 FBA books in one shipment at $1.50 per book would = $37.50

Example 2:  28 FBA books in one shipment at $1.00 per book would = $28.00

We send you a Paypal invoice before starting the prep work, and it would need paid before we deliver the shipment to UPS. You can verify all the work has been done in your Amazon Seller Central account before paying.

Q: Are packing supplies included in the pricing?

A: Boxes are $0.85 each and all other prep materials are included in the pricing. For Prepayment Plans shipping boxes are included.

Q: How do I transfer book data to you?

A: We'll use a shared spreadsheet (Google Drive). You don't have to give us any data if you don't want to though. We'll input data into the spreadsheet as we receive your books. 

Q: How do I know when you receive my books?

A: We'll send an email that your books have been received, and then for details you can check the shared spreadsheet in Google Drive. We guarantee your books will be shipped out within 24 hours of nearing the 50 lb limit.  

Q: How do you handle books that need to be returned?

A: We notify you of any problems with the book, you can get a return shipping label from the seller or create one yourself, and then send it to us and we’ll mail it.  Our guess is your return rate for sourcing books online is 3-5% (that’s generally what we see). Books that need returned are typically things like instructor editions, water damage/mold, book condition less than expected (usually not a problem since we clean the books), or the ISBN doesn’t match. We return books for you as part of your subscription or $0.75 each per book. Your first 5 returns are free.

It sounds like more of a problem than it really is - if you’ve been sourcing books online for a while now, your experience probably agrees with our assessment. 

Q: Do you offer book trade-in service?

A: Yes we will process your book trade-ins for $2.00 each if you are an active FBA bookseller. We will receive, inspect and ship your book to Amazon or another book buyback site. If your book gets rejected by the trade-in site we will wait for it to be returned and then process it FBA or return it for you at no additional charge. 

Q: Can you guarantee our books will be accurately graded according to Amazon's condition guidelines? 

A: Yes. To give you perspective, we generally agree with the mega-sellers condition standards. If you buy a book in Good condition from a mega-seller, we would most likely agree it is in Good condition upon receiving it (although the book still needs cleaned). 

It's important for us need to get on the same page with you about book Condition descriptions - like what your standards are. There's no quick easy way to reach an understanding, but when your first books come in to us I will take pictures of them and we can go over together what the book Condition should be. (If you've been selling books for a while you probably know Amazon book Conditions can be subjective among sellers - that's why it's important for us to establish standards with each other).

Q: Why do you have us send our books to a residential address?

A: We purposely use a small rental home to process books. We believe it makes a subtle but important difference to use a residential instead of a business address to receive books. You don’t really want the sellers you source from to know that all your book purchases are going to some business or warehouse. You can make an argument it doesn’t matter but in our experience it does matter in the long run.

Q: Where are you located? What is the sales tax situation?

A: We are located in Dayton, Ohio. The tax rate is about 7%. Sales tax is included in our prices though.  We're not your employees so there's no nexus.  Keep track of any sales tax Amazon forces you to pay when sourcing, and deduct it on your taxes. If you think you will be buying  volume, consider getting an Ohio reseller certificate to be exempt from sales tax when purchasing books. 

Q: What should I expect when I first start?

A: Just think about it as if you were hiring an employee to do this for you. What would you tell them you want? How would you tell them to do it?  Everybody is a little different so that's the best way to go.   

We will then confirm with you our address to send us your books. Use your name and our address when sending books to us.

Q: Why should I use a prepayment plan for my FBA books processing?

A: If you send in hundreds of books a month FBA, you can get reduced rates from FBABooksPrep.com by prepaying for a plan. When you prepay your plan does not expire. So if you prepay for a 500 book plan with listing, it's fine if it takes you several months to send in 500 books.  You paid upfront so you get the reduced rate. Your shipping boxes are also prepaid.

What's your refund policy if I need to cancel my prepayment plan?

A: You will receive a full refund minus what we already shipped FBA for you , and minus the cost of media mail to ship the remaining books back to you.

Example: You are on the 250 FBA books plan for $259. You cancel your plan halfway through but we already shipped out 125 FBA books for you. You would get a refund for $129.50 minus the cost to ship your remaining books back to you via media mail (around $20-$35 - depends on how many more remaining books you had shipped to us)

Q: I want to have FBA Books Prep.com process more than 500 books for me

A: No problem. We’ll figure out a customized plan together